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01 August 2013 a post by Simon Marshall. 3 comments.

The Seed: Symbol and Mystery

A seed is a mystery. It is both beginning and end, life and death, nothing and everything. A seed sits easily in the palm of the hand, and yet grows into a living structure which can be twice the size of house. It is a single grain, yet it is the source of a thousand grains. It can be stored for many years, and then be stirred into life in days. A seed is the whole universe in a grain of sand. More ...

30 April 2013 a post by Simon Marshall. 2 comments.

A Rising Fire - Poems for Beltane and Pentecost

Beltane is a season of growing strength, of passion and of the fertility of the approaching summer. It is a time to seek new inspiration which will inspire our work and our creative lives. It is also traditionally a time of cleansing and revitalising, so that the coming summer months will be all the more fruitful and fertile. It seems natural, then, that the most significant elemental symbol of Beltane is fire. More ...

01 February 2013 a post by Simon Marshall. 2 comments.

The Hidden Light - Poems for Imbolc and Candlemas

The beginning of February brings the celebration of the Celtic festival of Imbolc, which coincides with Brigid's Day and the Christian festival of Candlemas. Imbolc marks the coming of Spring, the warming of the earth and the still-hidden possibility of new growth. Brigid (Bree-heed) is associated with everlasting fire, and with the abundance of the natural world at springtime. She is also said to be the mid-wife of Christ, just as the season of Imbolc is thought of as the 'mid-wifing' of the year. More ...

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