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11 March 2014 a post by Bruce Stanley. 2 comments.

Devising ‘rituals’ for Mid Wales Forest Church.

Four times a year, close to the sun festivals of solstice and equinox, Mid Wales Forest Church has a 'Ritual', which is a grand name for what might be better described as interactive, experiential, shared meditation / reflective / alternative-worship like activities. Ritual is shorter. More ...

18 March 2013 a post by Pauline Warner. 1 comments.

March Madness - Hares And Birds’ Nests

Catherine’s Long finger Over Shadows Earth Buried Yellow Amulet Mid-day Points The Hour In Light of equinox, Look you More ...

18 March 2013 a post by Altar Ego. 0 comments.

Easter and Equinox

Balance is a precarious thing. To be balanced is to hold a huge amount of potential energy in one succinct moment because balance lasts for only a short time, and in that moment forces are gathered for the journey forward into the next place. More ...

21 March 2012 a post by Ian Adams. 0 comments.

The Spring Equinox and the Rising Son

The sun is rising. Words and Pictures by Ian Adams. More ...

21 March 2012 a post by Sally Diana. 0 comments.

Spring Equinox Meditation

Easter is the only festival whose date is dictated by the movements of the sun and the moon. This offers us a great opportunity to interlink the mysteries of Pagan, Jewish and Christian understanding. More ...

13 April 2011 a post by Greenwood The Bard. 0 comments.

Spring Equinox & the Super Moon

The neighbourhood of Glastonbury comes alive during the Turns of the Wheel - Pagan seasonal celebrations and Fire Festivals. So off I went with my faithful tent on the Spring Equinox, the anniversary of my naming as a Bard. More ...

Forest Church Tweets

Join us this Sunday for Forest church. @LlandaffDio @forestchurch @Pontyclun @ChurchinWales
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15 May

St David's URC in Eastham organise outdoor Forest Church events at locations around Wirral. The next Forest Church……
10 May